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26 October 2007 @ 10:33 am
"So, Erin, you've heard about that new Strangetown story in the works, right? Someone else is going to attempt to weave our tale. I hope they don't make me into a bitch or too much of a tomboy."

"I hope there's lots of romance."

"Oh, that's basically guaranteed, right? It's not a question of if, but of who gets paired with whom."

"I just hope I'm not paired off with Ajay Loner... again."

"Well, it's you or me, probably. Unless we're lesbians this time around. Hell, maybe we'll end up together."

"Umm, that's unlikely. Do you have any idea how many lesbian relationships I have managed to actively resist in other Strangetowns? Not to be a jerk about it, but don't you think someone as pretty as me, of Beaker lineage, should end up with a handsome successful husband?"

"Don't forget modest."

"Anyway, Chloe is always the lesbian, not to mention a slut."

"Yeah, you're right, Erin. She is.  Almost always. It's not nice to say slut, though... "

"I call it like I see it, okay, and Chloe is a dirty tramp... Hmm... I hope the writer pairs Nervous with Pascal.  That always goes over well."

"Yeah, it does, but you never know..."