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09 October 2007 @ 01:26 am
So my computer has returned, complete with a video card upgrade. I still had a heap of trouble with re-installing virus software before I could visit my sims, but the new video card has made a huge difference to the game speed! I may actually even be able to catch up with myself, writing the story ahead of playing the game (which is so easily thrown off while playing... I hate to plan too far ahead).

The speed is just... wow. I'm quite pleased.

So, of course, I headed into Strangetown for a bit. I'll soon have something ready to post. In the meantime, I had my way with Ajay Loner and the mirror, desperately trying to make him interesting to me.

09 October 2007 @ 02:40 pm
So, being a complete noob here, I have to ask about the best way to advertise my story to various sim communities. I have seen some of you mention that you have posted on the sims storytellers community (which I have joined) - is that the best (and only) place? I'm guessing that posting a little notice and a link to my page would be appropriate. Is there anything else I should know? I don't want to come off all rude.